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Hue Vang is an artist based in Fresno, California, graduating with a BFA in Graphics Design with an emphasis in illustration. His pieces portrays art in ad illustrations, campaigns, and promotional and political posters. Specializing in digital illustration, Hue's inspirations stem from his own strive and moral obligation to bringing awareness to causes most important to him whether it is promotional towards an item/brand or political towards an issue. His objective as an Illustrator is focus on political posters and ad campaigns for products, along with logo designs for start up businesses. 

Vang's passion to promote and bring awareness in the form of art, started with his volunteer work as an organizer in QHIP (Queer Hmong Intersectional Pride). QHIP is a space in Fresno, CA, that hosts healing spaces and pushes awareness for the Queer Hmong community. In bridging the two line of work, artist and organizer, he has established a roadway that allows for him to do both. 


Vang’s personal style presents a bold outlook with a strong use of concept, where shapes, dark and vibrant colors,  patterns, lines and figures are designed to capture the eye at first glance. 

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